Fee, Cost and Services Matrix



Program Fee
Advisory Fee $150/hour Cost identified prior to service 1% (negotiable depending on account size) of account value annually; billed quarterly in advance 1/2 of 1% (negotiable depending on account size) of account value annually; billed quarterly in advance n/a
Account Costs
Commission n/a n/a n/a see below
Ticket Charge to Buy or Sell:
Stocks n/a $12.95 $12.95 3/4 of 1% of Principal per trade; $35 minimum
Options (including exercise or assignment) n/a $12.95 Option Trades + $0.75 per contract $12.95 Option Trades + $0.75 per contract $7 per contract; $50 minimum
Bonds n/a n/a n/a Varies Ranges between $1 - $20 per bond; $50 minimum
Mutual Funds n/a $0 for purchase, redemption or switch of “A” share funds $12.95 for purchase, redemption, or switch Depends on share class or whether it is a load or no-load fund - ask before processing trade, ranges between 0 - 5 3/4% of principal invested (review prospectus carefully -ask questions)
UIT - Unit Investment Trusts n/a $35 per trade $35 per trade Depends on principal value invested, if it is a primary or secondary offering, equity or bond trust, ranges from 1% to 5% of principal investment (review prospectus carefully - ask questions)
Margin Rates n/a rates competitive please call Not Available rates competitive please call
Checking n/a FREE FREE FREE
Check Returned/NSF n/a $25 $25 $25
Stop Payment Fee n/a $25 $25 $25
Overnight Fee n/a actual market price actual market price actual market price
ACH n/a FREE (some restrictions apply) FREE (some restrictions apply) FREE (some restrictions apply)
IRA Annual Account Fee n/a FREE FREE FREE
Annual Account Maintenance Fee n/a FREE FREE FREE
Stock Registration and Ship Fee n/a n/a n/a n/a
Out Going Account Transfer Fee:
Individual Account n/a $100 $100 $100
IRA Account n/a $100 $100 $100
Investment Custodial Services No Yes Yes Yes
How Much Does It Really Cost Me? Yes Yes Yes n/a
24/7 Account Access Worldwide n/a Yes Yes Yes
On Demand, Online Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mapping of Assets Yes 1 per 2ndOpinion Yes 3 to 4 times per year Yes I time per year No
Education Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Newsletter (email only) Yes (must sign up) Yes Yes Yes (must sign up)
Stock Research from S&P n/a Yes Yes Yes
Live Streaming Quotes n/a Yes Yes Yes
Live Streaming Charts n/a Yes Yes Yes
Phone Apps Available - Droid, iPhone & Blackberry n/a Yes Yes Yes
Mutual Fund Research by Morningstar n/a Yes Yes Yes
Stock and Mutual Fund Alerts n/a Yes Yes Yes
Stock and Mutual Fund Watch Lists n/a Yes Yes Yes
Powerful Technical and Screening Tools n/a Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Trading n/a Yes Yes Yes
Financial Consulting Services
Investment Advisory $150/hour included included included
Estate Planning $150/hour included on request $150/hour $150/hour
Estate Administration $75/hour $75/hour $75/hour $75/hour
Financial Planning $150/hour included on request $150/hour $150/hour
Risk Management $150/hour included on request $150/hour $150/hour
College Planning $150/hour included on request $150/hour $150/hour
Retirement Planning $150/hour included on request $150/hour $150/hour
Budget Formation, Analysis & Review $150/hour included on request $150/hour $150/hour
Business Services
Retirement Plan Consulting Pricing for each corporate service varies. Certain services are provided on an hourly basis at $150 per hour and others are dependent on the size of the assets to be managed (typically ranging between .3 and 1%). Comprehensive proposals will be developed in response to your requirements or scope of work.
Key Man Planning
Cash Management
Business Succession Planning
Business Valuation
Business Plan & Financial Projections
* We believe the above information is accurate and complete. No guarantee can be made to its accuracy and completeness. Investing involves risk and loss of principal. While transparency and disclosure is important, certain information is omitted, please review the prospectus carefully prior to investing. Ask questions, and make sure you understand your risks.


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